Vertical Cryobox Racks

Vertical cold stores come in many different designs and sizes the most popular design is to store cryoboxes, they are available from aluminium or stainless steel. All standard verticals have solid sides or a wraparound body for increased strength there are holes in the back of the unit to push the cryobox out. Verticals are fitted with a fold down handle to allow easy access to remove the unit from the chest freezer. There are different handle designs depending on what is required, a fold down is the most common and available in a 90-degree version to allow more space for the user to access the handle when wearing gloves. Fixed handles are also available which are always in the upright position, the disadvantage of a fixed handle is it can take up extra space within the freezer.

To hold cryoboxes or racked goblets in place there are three different options.

Spring clips are the preferred option for holding cryoboxes, a spring clip is fitted to the side of the vertical and when the box is inserted the clip presses against it holding it in place. Spring clips are capable of holding boxes in place even when the vertical is lying face down. To remove the box, the user has to push it out through the back of the vertical. The spring clip stays fitted to the vertical and is ready when the box has to be returned.

A locking bar is the cheapest option and is most popular for the cost focused end user.

Other options include a 3mm lip on the front of the shelf, this holds the boxes and stops them falling forwards, however this will not hold them if the vertical is turned completely on its side.

Vertical cold stores can be fitted with engraved labels and coloured handles to help identify them, the following colours are available, black, red, gold, blue and purple.

For standard size racks please see the table below or freezer reference guide towards the back of this catalogue, should you require a bespoke rack please complete a quotation request on our website. We will require the details of the make and model of the freezer along with the box size to be stored.