MIELE PG 8504 [ADP] Laboratory dishwasher with feed pump for AD water.

Perf./cycle, e.g. 64 narrow necked/lab glassware w/ injectors
Efficient use of resources – variable speed heater pump
Dispense process chemicals easily: Powder dispenser in the door
Pump for DI water: final rinse with fully demineralised water

Stainless steel ADP (for unpressurised demin)
Freestanding or Underbench
Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior and Fittings/Accessories
Power Supply: AC 230V 50HZ
Supplied with 1.6m Electrical Cable 1.5m Poly-Rex Drain Hose and 1.4m Hot Cold and Demin Water Inlet Hoses
Dimensions (hwd): 835 x 600 x 600mm
Weight: 72kg