Labmode offer a complete range of refrigeration products. Fridges (+4) and Freezers (-20) from Liebherr, Ultra Low Freezers (-80) from Eppendorf and Haier, and our unique Ultra Low Temperature storage system from Nordic.

LIEBHERR Laboratory and Medicinal Sector refrigerators and freezers both adhere to all relevant safety standards and are also characterised by outstanding energy efficiency.

Labmode offer a range of Ultra Low (-80) Freezers from Eppendorf and Haier with capacities from 100Ltr to 828Ltr.

We can also provide the racking systems to store your samples safely and efficiently.

Labmode offer NORDIC Ultra Low Freezers, a unique design-and-build solution for storing large numbers of samples at Ultra Low Temperatures.

Featuring centralised industrial refrigeration plant used to supply modular ULT freezer cabinets.

Improved sample safety using refrigeration plant with 100% redundancy, 24/7 Telemetry and alarm monitoring.

Space saving design with modular ULT freezer cabinets providing maximum capacity for minimum footprint.

Low energy compared to traditional stand-alone ULT freezers.

Browse our range of Fridges and Freezers to find the model which best accommodates your laboratory’s needs or, alternatively, please contact our sales team at Labmode and let us assist with configuring what you need for your application.