ICE Series Freezers
High efficiency - Very low Liquid Nitrogen consumption

• Liquid Nitrogen storage in vapor or liquid phase.
• Large Liquid Nitrogen reservoir allows for impressively long static hold times in vapour phase.
• Premium multi-layer insulation material with the latest vacuum technology covering the bottom, side, top, and neck.
• Exceptionally low NER across the range making the ICE series extremely efficient.

Double pivot aluminium turntable design – smooth rotation and ergonomic use

• Eliminates any mechanical component maintenance.
• Full height, segmented, and labeled turntable provides easy inventory storage access and management.
• Convenient central sensor channel for placement of independent temperature/level probes stopping cable wrapping.
• Integral folding step with slip-resistant surface, and mechanical lock for securing the step when stowed.

Soft Close hinged lid and stainless-steel tabletop

• The lid includes a soft close mechanism for added safety, locking capabilities and activates an automatic defog for quick viewing of inventory storage.
• The tabletop provides a convenient working surface and protection to electrical and plumbing components.
• Industry-leading storage temperatures are maintained at top of the inventory storage system thanks to an innovative cold conducting turntable design.
• Clutter-free exterior design allows for easy cleaning.