Plinths and Frames

Verticals for storage in cryogenic verticals are similar to the verticals used in chest freezers. They are available with locking rods, spring clips, shelf lips and labels. They are manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel. Vertical cold stores for cryogenic vessels are also available with adjustable shelves ideal for storing different size microtiter plates. The shelves can be easily removed and re-positioned to store different size items. Verticals are also available with different size apertures depending on your requirements. Verticals can be fitted with doors which are useful when storing blood bags to hold the bags in position. Cassette carriers are designed to hold aluminium cassettes in individual compartments, these can also be fitted with a door to retain the cassettes. For a quotation for a bespoke rack please visit our website (www.labmode. to fill in a quotation request.

Plinths are used for vapour phase vessels to stop items being placed in the liquid. Plinths are supplied in two halves and placed on the base of the vessel. Plinths are available in aluminium or stainless steel and have holes in to allow the vapour to circulate effectively around the vessel. If the item being stored is a vertical cold store, we offer an option to blank off the bottom apertures of the unit which would sit in the liquid.

Frames are an effective way of storing blood bag boxes in liquid nitrogen vessels. Frames are manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel. They are designed in sections so they are easy to fit in the vessel. Frames have 30mm holes to allow the circulation of liquid nitrogen. The design of a frame depends on what the user wishes to store and can be designed to fit all liquid nitrogen vessels on the market. For vapour phase vessels frames are designed to hold items above the liquid level. Blood bags are the most popular item to be stored in a frame system. Blood bags are placed into boxes which fit neatly into the frame maximizing the storage use of a vessel. If you require a quote for a frame, plinth or vertical to store items in a liquid or vapour phase vessel please visit our website (www.labmode. to complete a quotation request.