Glass Washing Machines
"Glass washing machines" are used to decontaminate and sterilise laboratory glassware and equipment. As a result, they are a fundamental piece of laboratory equipment because they prevent the cross-contamination of different solutions and chemicals; properties which are vital in research or medical laboratories.

At Labmode, we supply UK laboratories with a selection of MIELE Glass Washing Machines. For over 100 years, MIELE have remained committed to "quality & innovation". Subsequently, you can remain confident that your laboratory will be equipped with comprehensive glass washing equipment with varying capacities and adjustable heating settings. Our glass washing machines will ensure your facility is functioning at optimal productivity levels while maintaining the maximum safety and hygiene levels for your staff.  

Feel free to browse our selection of washer-disinfector systems with efficient single chamber systems for the washing, rinsing, disinfecting and drying of laboratory glassware, in order to find the unit which is appropriate for your laboratory.

Alternatively, please contact our sales team at Labmode and let us assist with configuring what you need for your application.